Midweek Pick-Me-Ups: October

We're already halfway through October; this month has gone fast! Here are a few things (other than the Royals winning the first 3 games of the ALCS of course! #beroyal ) making me smile right now.

1. Pumpkin Time. Over the weekend we visited Louisburg Cider Mill and Pumpkin Patch. It was Jona's first time there, and clearly, he loved it. No, this picture is deceiving because he actually did have fun, he just doesn't appreciate it when I set him down for a picture and walk away. We drank apple cider, ate freshly-made donuts, and picked out our perfect pumpkins from the patch. If you're in the Kansas City area, it's definitely worth a visit! 

2. S'mores Bars. What do you get when you combine chocolate chip cookie dough, an ENTIRE jar of marshmallow fluff, and 3 Hershey bars? Some seriously delicious s'mores bars, that's what! They may not look the prettiest, but who needs pretty when you're ooey, gooey, and chocolaty? They're quick and easy to make too--even with homemade chocolate chip cookie dough (which you could totally cheat on) I got these babies in the oven in one nap time, with time to spare! 

3. Fall boots. When I put it together in September, I hesitated to add my brown riding boots to my fall capsule. It was so warm then that I wasn't prepared for boots season yet. Well let me tell you, I'm prepared now. They're in. For some inspiration, I took a walk down (blogging) memory lane to see how I styled them in the past. These boots sure have gotten a lot of wear over the past few years!

4. Halloween Decor. I always have good intentions when it comes to decorating for Halloween, but the reality is I never get around to it. I'm too cheap to buy lots of decorations, but I don't have time to make them. Sob story, I know. Not this year though! Tomorrow I'll share what I made with you, but here's a sneak peek. 

5. Pattern Play.  Stripes plus one pattern is good, but stripes plus two patterns!? I think I blew my own mind here. I know I was down on neutrals yesterday, but today we're back to being BFFs. Neutrals are what make this print mix look cohesive rather than crazy. And check out my mini-print-mixer in his stripes and camo. Stud-muffin in the making, am I right? 

What's making you smile this week?


  1. So happy for the Royals. My mom called me last night to tell me how much excitement there is in the KC area. She said even crime is down. Love the boots. And that picture of the two of you together is so cute.

  2. Thanks Megan! Yep, it's pretty exciting around here, I love it! It's definitely like nothing I've ever experienced before!

  3. Ooh s'mores bars! I made a batch that was similar back in August for a get together and they were SO good. I love boots too! I've been happy to wear my fall boots! Love those last two pictures of you and Jona!

  4. Thanks Beth :) Yes, s'mores bars are the best--I was sad when we finished that batch!

  5. Ahh, that first picture is too precious. We set Hendrik down on a pile of pumpkins for a photo over the weekend and he was in heaven... like all things round he thinks they're balls and wants to get his hands on them.

    Loooove your pattern play. Both of you, so cute. Little boy clothes are making me happy this week - my mom brought a whole pile of little man cuteness with her over the weekend and we've been having fun getting dressed all week :)

  6. Aww, that is so cute he loves balls so much. Future athlete on your hands maybe??
    And yes on the little boy clothes. I liked the baby options, but I feel like the stuff just keeps getting cuter as he gets older. Plus, I feel like I can buy a little better quality stuff since he'll (probably) wear it a little longer. Although the knees may get worn out!!


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