Jona at 14 Months

I continue to be amazed by how much Jona learns and changes, in just a month's time. Here's a little update on what Jona's been up to lately. 

Eating: Gone are the days of Jona eating anything and everything we put in front of him. His likes and dislikes seem to change by the hour. Most days he wants nothing to do with any meat, but then the other day he devoured Italian sausage like it was the best thing on the planet. There are a few tried-and-true foods that are still going strong; he'll almost always eat eggs, yogurt, pasta, and just about any fruit you put in front of him. Otherwise, it's pretty much a crap shoot. 

Teething: I took Jona to the doctor the other day because he was messing with his ear (again!) quite a bit. She told me his ears looked fine (what a relief) but that his gums looked a little swollen so teething may be the cause of his ear pain. Sure enough, a few days later, I saw a hint of a top tooth towards the back. I'm not sure if it's the tooth or the cold he picked up around the same time, but he's had a rough few days. He's pretty happy when he's playing, but going to sleep, especially at night, has been a struggle. His "signature comfort move", sucking on his finger, hasn't even brought him much comfort since he can't breathe very well out of his nose. Poor guy! 

Mobility: This has been a big month for getting around. Jona had pulled himself up to standing a few times before, but over the past month he started doing it everywhere. He even pulled himself up on his little push toy and started walking with it! He'll also do a little "cruising" along furniture, but he hasn't ventured out to take any steps on his own just yet. Last month it seemed like he was so far away from this point; it really seemed to happen overnight. Walking may be sooner than I thought! 

Fun facts

- Jona will mimic Aaron or I if we start laughing, or coughing. He'll also often answer "Yeah" when we ask a question. 
- He loves to sing "Ring Around the Rosie". He'll say "ash, ash" and he thinks it's hilarious when you fall (or pretend to fall) down at the end. 
- When I get him dressed in the morning, he loves to take his socks and lay them on top of his feet. It's funny though, because when I actually put them on his feet, he pulls them off almost immediately. 
- Climbing is his new favorite activity. He loves to climb onto his little ride-on toy, onto my lap, onto his little car set that isn't made for climbing on, on pillows, etc. He hasn't successfully scaled our ottoman yet, but I'm sure he's not too far from it. 
- He is horrified by stuffed animals. (Unless they sing or talk.) Seriously, horrified. The other day I got out this box full of stuffed animals. He pulled out the teddy bear and made a face like he just ate something terrible. Then I gave him another one, and he made the same face and pushed it away! What kid hates teddy bears? Apparently, mine. 


  1. That bathtub photo! The sweetest. And hilarious about the stuffed animals. We've got pretty much exactly the same thing around here in terms of the eating and the teething/colds and the climbing. So I guess I have more of it to look forward to when we hit 14 months? Gah :)

  2. Well maybe it will ease up for you by the time Hendrik is 14 months--Jona seemed to have a nice long break from teething over the past few months. He got 6 teeth in, one right after the other, and then nothing. Now I guess it's back on!
    And although the climbing makes me nervous sometimes, it's pretty cute to watch!

  3. So fun to hear about what he's up to at 14 months! As you saw on my blog last week we had the cold at our house too, poor kiddos. When they can't breathe you just feel so bad! Too funny about the stuffed toys! Maybe it's just a short phase?? Hopefully!

  4. I know, I hope so! So weird. But he's okay with the 2 stuffed dogs he has that sing songs and say things when you press their feet, etc. They apparently don't offend him :) Who knows! I hope everyone is healthy again at your house!


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