How to Style a Sports Tee

I may have mentioned this a couple of times, but baseball is kind of a big deal right now here in Kansas City. The Royals just swept the LA Angels, and will move on to a series with Orioles on Friday to determine the AL champion. It's pretty exciting stuff! 

Anyway, my Royals t-shirts haven't gotten this much wear, well, ever. So I'm trying to come up with more creative ways to style them other than just with jeans and sneakers. There's also the warmth factor to consider, since this whole "baseball in the fall" is a new concept around here. 

Here's a round-up of a few ideas for styling a sports-themed tee. And if you're not into sports, any graphic tee would be just as cute in these looks.

Do you wear sports tees in "real life" or just to games (or not at all)? 

Look 1: Add a Blazer

Look 2: Keep it Classic

Look 3: Dress it Up

Go Royals!


  1. Can you believe those Royals?! Man, it's crazy! I'm loving it, though. We never get to enjoy October baseball around here!

    I love the idea of a sports tee + a blazer. Too chic. :)


  2. All three of those looks are so cute! I typically only wear my shirt to games, I'm pretty lame that way I guess. If my team had played a little better this year that might be another story though!

  3. I know, it's so crazy right!? But SO awesome. Love it.
    Thanks for coming by Ashley, have a great week!!

  4. I love these! Royals pride!! #beroyal

  5. All of these are great ideas! I'll have to bust out my Detroit Tigers shirt and try it out (although... maybe I'll wait until after baseball season since the Tigers aren't doing so so hot right now ;)

    Great blog by the way! I just found you through By The Shore and I'll have to keep coming back!

  6. Thanks! No that's not lame at all--that's me too usually, but this year the Royals fever is infectious! (And usually their season is long over by now too.)

  7. No, I don't think it's weird at all. Since college, I've always had a collection of sports tees that I would wear to games and other sports-themed get-togethers (which would happen fairly often...Aaron is a HUGE sports lover), but I'd never mix the sports stuff in with my regular wardrobe. But now with graphic tees being so popular, and since I love wearing those, I thought the sports tee could do the same thing. And it's just crazy baseball around here right now, I can't help but show my support!

  8. Hi Kate, thank you!! Oh were our nemesis all year. :)

  9. Anything involving more structured pieces seems like the right way to go. Love the simple skinny jeans and killer heels.

  10. Thanks! I think you're right, adding structure to something super-casual always works.


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