Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe Roundup: October

I'm linking up with In Residence and Just Jacq for this month's capsule wardrobe outfit showcase

Fall Capsule 2014 - Current Thoughts

It's been almost two full months since I downsized my closet and decided to try working with a capsule wardrobe for fall. My tune hasn't changed since last month; I still think this was a great decision for me. I understand that it may not work for some people, but it has helped me streamline the process of both getting dressed and assessing my wardrobe needs, both of which often used to overwhelm me. I'm terribly indecisive; while I like having choices, when I have too many I just shut down. 

I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do about winter. I'm definitely going to continue this process, but I'm not sure if it works for me to start the "winter capsule" in December. After talking to Anne about it a little, I'm leaning towards using December as a "transition month", which would make my winter capsule last from January through March. Weather-wise, this would (unfortunately) make the most sense as well. I have some time to decide that though.  

Favorite Looks - October 2014

Leopard meets bumblebee. I wore this to work and added the leopard scarf to mix up the black and yellow. 

eShakti black dress / Target yellow cardigan / Madewell polka dot flats / Sammydress leopard scarf

Dots and brights. This was another work look for a day that called for mixing brights with some whimsical dots. 

 Gap blue pants / J.Crew Factory polka dot chambray / J.Crew Factory navy sweater / Nine West pink heels

Triple the prints. I decided to have a little fun with my neutral prints for this casual look. 

Gap navy cords / Ann Taylor Factory navy stripe shirt / Old Navy navy print scarf / Dr. Scholl's leopard flats

Cozy cool. A warm, printed cardigan added some fun to basic jeans, tee and flats. 

Gap skinny jeans / Loft navy print cardigan / Target gray tee / Gap Outlet red flats

What are your thoughts on capsule wardrobes? Is it something you're doing now or is it not your thing? I'd love to know what your "wardrobe philosophy" is! 


  1. I love how well your capsule wardrobe has been working for you! I still need to work on curating my closet more to make something like that work for me, but I'm really enjoying seeing how you've been making it work!

  2. Making December a transition month is a great idea. I've been a little on the fence about the Winter Capsule as well. You've picked some great pieces and I always enjoy seeing how you mix them up. I really like how you mixed the leopard scarf with the polka dot shoes.

  3. I admire the idea of a capsule wardrobe- and anyone who can pull it off! I do not think I could edit myself down that much... At least not with any sort of success, ha.

    Loving those polka dot Madewell flats! :)


  4. Thanks Beth! I wasn't sure about it--I'm used to having lots and lots of options to choose from, and I worried I would get bored. But surprisingly I still feel excited about my closet! (But I am ready to add a few things for winter for sure!)

  5. Thanks Megan. Since I have so many neutrals in this capsule I'm trying to find ways (like print mixing) to keep things interesting. I think you just have to do whatever will work best for you/your wardrobe. Curious to see what you decide!

  6. Thanks Ashley! It took me a while to get to this point where I felt like I needed the editing to keep myself sane. We live in an older house with teeny tiny closets, and my former "dressing room" became my son's nursery, so that meant my stuff moved to various locations around the house. It made me crazy! So it was difficult to do at first, but much needed :)

  7. I practically could have written that first paragraph... though actually I'm almost wondering if I can manage to make the winter one even slightly smaller because I actually still have indecisiveness some mornings! Can't figure out how I used to manage such a huge wardrobe.

    So glad we both took the plunge on this thing, since I'm quite pleased with how it's going, and I love having like-minded blog buddies to talk about it with and to copy outfits from :) I haven't worn my mustard cardigan yet somehow so will be taking some cues from you... it's great with leopard!

  8. I know, I feel the same way--how did I ever decide on something to wear with all the choices I had before?! And yes to having blog buddies to steal outfits from--I've pinned several of your (and others') looks from this capsule to try!
    Here's to another great month! :)

  9. i need to do a capsule! love what you chose for yours, shea.

  10. Thanks Elle! It's been a lot of fun trying it this fall.


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