Midweek Pick-Me-Ups, September Edition

It's only Wednesday, but I'm already worn out. I need this pick-me-up post before I become the queen of crabby. So here are a few things that I'm happy about right now. 

Last month we got Jona's one year photos taken, and our photographer (Jessica of Just J Photography, we love her!) just shared some "sneak peek" shots. Jona thought the whole thing was a terrible idea, so he pretty much cried the whole time. She worked some magic though, because he looks pretty angelic in these pictures! 

Over the weekend I made Ultimate Brownies from Handle the Heat. Sometimes "the best" brownie claims to fame are all talk, but this one really brought it. Can you see how dense, rich, and chocolaty these look? Well break up with the box, baby, because these are the real deal. 

I know I just talked about the new stuff I scored at Gap, but these things (cords, sweater, jeans) are still making me pretty darn happy. 

Sweet, stylish mama Beth of Life with Bethie the Boo nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. While I'm terrible at following the rules of these, I wanted to answer her fun questions. Thanks Beth! 

1. What does your perfect pizza look like? My favorite pizza here in KC is Spin Pizza, and I get the Patate, which has potatoes, bacon, and goat cheese on it. Mmmm. 

2. What is your favorite beauty product? Natural Ice chapstick. (It's about $1 at the grocery store.) I've been using it for years and I seriously can't live without it. I know, borrring. 

3. What is the best vacation you've ever been on? Too hard! I loved our first family vacation to St. Louis with Jona. I also loved when Aaron and I traveled to Hawaii to surprise my mom for her birthday. And while it wasn't really a vacation (it was study abroad) it pretty much felt like one when I went to Paris when I was in college. So I can't pick, sorry! 

4. What are you reading right now? I won the book The Landgramm Affair in a giveaway on Krysten's blog, Why Girls are Weird, and I'm reading it now. It's very well written and has some good twists and turns! 

5. Coffee, tea or neither? Coffee-coffee-coffee. (I was imagining Lorelai Gilmore in my head as I typed that. Anyone with me?)

6. Be honest, do you floss every day? Ha! I'm just going to laugh at that one. Sorry dentists. 

7. Do you like your name or do you wish you could have a different one?  What would you choose if you were to have a different name? I love my name. When I was little I always wanted something more ordinary (one that I could find on souvenirs or that people wouldn't mispronounce). But now I love my name, and I feel like it really suits me. 

8. What is your favorite season? Spring! It means the end of the hell that is winter, and it also means my birthday (in April). Spring is the best. 

9. I'm stealing Kristi's here - describe yourself in five words. Perfectionist, compassionate, stubborn, organized, creative.

10. Are you a vanilla or chocolate fan? Chocolate. All the way. Did you SEE those brownies? 

What's making you happy right now? 


  1. Those brownies do look great. I am such a fan of homemade brownies, because they are too easy and delicious not to make, really.

    Study abroad in Paris? Wow, that sounds amazing!

    Of course I am a gilmore fan, and will continue to use my Lorelai-isims forever. Oye with the poodles already!


  2. Yay! I'm so excited to read all the answers to my questions. Your favorite pizza sounds amazing, can I have some? And yes to the Lorelai coffee reference! I love me some coffee too. Those brownies look so yummy too! And I love the pics of Jona, glad you got some good ones!

  3. Jona's pictures are so cute. Loved your answers.


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