Currently in September

Can you believe it's already September? I feel like I just wrote a "Currently" post for August! But, September it is, and once again I'm joining Anne and Jenna for their monthly "Currently" linkup. Here's what I'm up to this month so far.

1. Writing: So far, I love writing in my freshly designed (and freshly named) space. I've been wanting to rename and rebrand this blog for quite some time, since Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique doesn't really fit me anymore (and having to spell it/explain it to people is getting ridiculous). So I decided on a new name: Shea Lennon. It's already my email, Twitter handle, Instagram name and Pinterest name, so it was a logical choice. It's not one I'll likely grow tired of, as it's my name (Lennon is my middle name; yes, I come from a Beatles-loving family). With a fresh name must come a fresh design, so I asked Veronika of By the Shore for her help. I absolutely love how clean, simple, and pretty this new space is! I'm still working on fixing all the kinks that come with forwarding a URL (since I'm forwarding my old space not creating a new one) so I hope you'll bear with me.

2. Anticipating: Cooler weather. I know, me and every other style blogger, right? I like summer, but give me fall any day. Layers, chilly mornings, walking outside without immediately breaking a sweat...bring it on fall! Fall clothes are the best too, right?

3. Missing: My mom. She came to visit over Labor Day weekend, and I'm already missing her! It was wonderful to have her here, and I know it will be a while before I see her again. I didn't remember to take a single picture during this visit, so I'll share one from a few months ago and one from over a year ago (it was taken in the hospital!). Jona sure does love his grandma! 

4. Wearing: Outfits from my Fall Capsule! I'm feeling pretty energized about working with a smaller wardrobe so far, I hope my motivation lasts!

5. Craving: Seafood from The Bristol. I love seafood, and while I do try to cook it at home from time to time, there's nothing like eating it at my favorite restaurant. I think Aaron and I will have to have a date night there soon!


  1. I LOVE this new blog look Shea, it turned out so awesome! It really suits you!
    Also, I'm anticipating fall and fall weather too! I can't wait for cozy sweaters and cool evenings!

  2. I once lived in Kansas City and loved the Bristol. I hear you about looking forward to the layering that comes with the cooler weather.

    1. Oh you did, how cool!! It's delicious, isn't it :) (A little pricey, so it's definitely a "special occasion" place for us.)

  3. Yes to fall capsules and seafood date night - we have a place in Cincinnati that's supposed to be super good that we've been wanting to try. Next time we get a babysitter, for sure. I do love the new look and name! Clean, simple, & chic is my kind of approach.

  4. I love the new name, girl! Your blog looks great. :) I'm so excited for cooler weather, too! So tired of being so hot all the time!!


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