Weekly Eats: Shrimp, Chicken, Pork and Spin

This week's menu was a little hit and miss, but since the hits outnumbered the misses, I'll consider it a success.

1. SPIN Pizza. Over the weekend we went to Spin Pizza, one of my favorite restaurants. I had my favorite, the Patate (potato) pizza, and as usual it was delicious. I shared a few bites with Jona and he scarfed it down. (Of course he did--potatoes, bacon, goat cheese, who wouldn't love that?) 

2. Chili Lime Shrimp Bowls with Black Bean Mango Salsa from Iowa Girl Eats. This one was a winner! Anytime we have shrimp it's a winner as far as Aaron is concerned. I'm not usually a huge shrimp lover, but this one even had me excited about it. This is a keeper for sure!

3. Cajun Chicken Pasta from Budget Bytes. This one had so much potential, but we just didn't love it. I think it was mostly because I made the sauce too thick. I used tomato sauce instead of fire roasted tomatoes, and that must not have been the best substitution. The chicken had really good flavor, but the consistency of the sauce wasn't my favorite. 

4. Marinated Grilled Pork Chops with grilled corn and pineapple. Can you tell we've been on a pork chop kick lately? (They've been on sale, what can I say?) I used a Juicy Marinated Steak recipe from Six Sisters' Stuff and it was great on these pork chops. True to the name, they were very juicy and full of flavor. 

What was on your menu this week? 

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