Weekly Eats: Fail-Safe Favorites

If there were a theme for this Weekly Eats, it would be "Fail-safe Favorites". I did try a couple of new recipes, but I stayed within the realm of what I know we would like. The mood to be more daring will strike again soon no doubt

1. Asian Glazed Salmon (from Six Sisters' Stuff) with curry-spiced roasted potatoes. This salmon had great flavor, and the addition of the potatoes made it a hearty meal. An easy one too!

2. Brookies via Mel's Kitchen Cafe. While the boys were on their road trip, Jenny and I made cookies. We went with these "brookies", because who wants to decide between brownies and chocolate chip cookies? This "best of both worlds" cookie was right up our chocolate-loving alley. These were good, although I would have preferred the brownie portion of the cookie to be a little fudgier. 

3. Grilled Chicken and Bacon Melts from Iowa Girl Eats: This is one that I knew would be a hit. Grilled chicken topped with bacon and sun-dried tomato mayo? No way that can be bad! If avocados would have been on sale they would have made a delicious topper as well. But since I'm the only one that eats them, the cheapskate in me refused to shell out the big bucks (read: $2) for them. I cut up a few peaches to have as a side. Those would have been good on the grill too, I bet. 

4. Tomato Mascarpone Pasta from Annie's Eats: This one takes the usual pasta with marinara sauce and fancies it up a little. The fancy elements: red wine, mascarpone cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano. That's right, I used the real deal. It went on super sale at my grocery store so into the cart it went. Yes, I'll shell out for good cheese but I refuse to spend more than $1.50 on an avocado. I have my priorities. 

5. The Big Biscuit: On Sunday Aaron, Jenny, Jona and I went out for breakfast at the Big Biscuit, one of our favorite breakfast joints that's right down the street. It's always busy but the wait is never long, plus there are always lots of kids there so we never feel bad about Jona's enthusiastic outbursts. Oh, and the food is pretty great too! (I forgot to take a picture of the food, so you'll have to settle on this one of Jona on the table.) 

6. Mexican Lasagna: This is a favorite around here! I've been making this Rachael Ray recipe since I was in college, and I absolutely love it! I do substitute ground turkey for the ground chicken; for some reason that's just what I've always used, and I'm not going to mess with a good thing.

What did you eat this week? 

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