Weekly Eats: Around the World

When I plan meals for the week, I try to include a variety of types of cuisines. This week was no different, with an all-American burger, a Peruvian beef stir-fry, and Mexican(ish) taquitos. 

1. Barbecue chicken burgers from How Sweet it is. Not surprisingly, I substituted turkey for chicken in these, simply because I already had some. Also not surprising, this was a recipe I tried because Anne sang its praises not too long ago. She was right, this burger was scrumptious! Jona even had his own mini-burger, but I'm almost positive he would have eaten a regular-sized one!  

2. Peruvian Beef Stir-Fry from Skinnytaste. I made this with rice instead of oven fries, but let me tell you, it was delicious! Add it to the (long) list of stir-fry dishes we love. It's pretty simple--just beef, veggies, and a sauce made with just apple cider vinegar and soy sauce--but so flavorful. And once again, Jona ate the beef like it was going to jump off his high chair and run away. (He strategically avoided the red peppers though, little stinker.)

3. Baked Honey Lime Chicken Taquitos from Six Sisters' Stuff. This was another quick dinner, since I already had some shredded chicken ready to go. These were good with the dipping sauce I didn't get a picture of: a sour cream/enchilada sauce mix. And I swear, we eat vegetables other than corn! I had to do some menu-rearranging this week so corn was the easy go-to. 

What was on your menu this week? 

By the way, I'm taking Monday off from the blog to enjoy the day with my family. I'll be back on Tuesday to talk about my fall capsule wardrobe. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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