Sundae Style: Jeans + Tee Shirt

After I cleaned out my closet this weekend and donated enough to clothe a small village, I had a brief panic attack. What if I got rid of too much? What if I donated something I'm going to want later? Will I get bored with the seemingly tiny selection left in my closet? Then I started thinking about how much I love the clothes that are left in my closet, and how wearable and versatile they are, and I started to calm down.

For example, I love a jeans + tee combination like I wore the other day, because with the right accessories it's far from basic. If an outfit were an ice cream sundae (yes, I went there again), the jeans and tee would be the base flavor. The accessories would be the yummy toppings that turn the sundae up a notch: the whipped cream, the chocolate sauce, the cookie get the picture. 

Here are a few of my favorite style flavors: 

Sundae #1: Funky Feminine 

Sundae #2: Colorful Classic

tee / jeans / necklace / blazerpumps

Sundae #3: French-inspired

What "toppings" would you add? 

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