Jona's Whale Birthday Party

Since I've been blubbering on and on about my baby turning one, I thought I'd at least share a few photos from his whale-themed party (see what I did there?). We decided to keep the party small, but I still wanted to have some fun with the food and decorations. 

My starting point for party decor was this Nautical Whale Party from RVParties, my favorite party planning shop. I let Rachel and Victoria (the R and V of RVParties) do most of the work - I just had to cut and assemble. Because throwing parties stresses me out, I didn't go crazy with the decorations. As difficult as it was, I gave my perfectionist, type-A self a break and didn't stress (too much) about having everything match.

I did try to put some effort into the food, since that's always the best part of a party anyway, right? In keeping with the whale theme, I served the following dishes: 
-Whale Eggs (AKA meatballs - I used this recipe)
-Sea Snails (pigs in a blanket)
-Ham & Cheese "Seaweed" Wraps (seaweed = spinach tortilla)
-Turkey Hummus "Seaweed" Wraps
-Plankton (Chex Mix)
-Ocean (Funny story, mixing Swedish Fish into partially set-up blue Jello is a good idea in theory, but the resulting bloated, purplish blobs swimming around the gelatin sea were less than appetizing. Live and learn.)
-Cupcakes - the chocolate and white (box mix) cupcakes with (homemade) buttercream frosting got a pass on the cheesy naming

In addition to a special t-shirt (see my post on that here), Jona got his very own smash cake. I baked white cake in a round pan and cut it out and frosted into a whale shape. No, it won't be gracing the shelves of any bakeries, but for a cake whose purpose is to be pulverized by tiny little hands, I think it turned out pretty cute. Jona's reaction was a mixture of awe and horror. Once he figured out that it tasted good, there was more going into his mouth than into the air at least. 

I'd say the party was a success. Jona had fun seeing friends and family, and I didn't shed a single tear thinking about how my baby isn't a baby anymore. (I'm not saying I won't, but so far, so good.)

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