Five French [inspired] Fall Finds

In anticipation of my impending closet clean-out and fall wardrobe transition, I was brainstorming which styles I am most drawn to. One that kept popping up in my mind was "French". Now French-style dressing means different things to different people (especially real French people I'm sure), but to me it means classic, quality pieces and simple prints like stripes and neutral leopard. 

Here are 5 pieces that fit that aesthetic, all of which would be perfect additions to my fall wardrobe. (Whether or not the budget agrees, now that's another story.) 

1. Leopard flats. My leopard flats from Target have served me well, but they are about to bite the dust. To spare myself the crying and heartbreak of not having a pair of leopard flats in my closet, I'm going to replace them before they die. I love this pair from Madewell. 

2. White button-up. I have a white button-up shirt, but I don't wear it much because it feels so stiff. I bought it because I figured it would go with everything and be a classic piece in my closet. I think a classic white button-up can be a closet staple, but it needs to fit well and be wearable. This lightweight, silky version from J.Crew Factory is better suited to me and would make a great layering (and stand-alone) piece. 

3. Striped long-sleeve top. I plan to replace two striped tops with fits I'm not crazy about with one higher-quality one that I'm more comfortable in. (As much as I wanted to love this peplum top, every time I wear it I'm constantly pulling it down. I should have sized up.) I'm a fan of this one from Land's End. 

4. Skinny black pants. I love a good skinny jean, but I need a versatile, slim fit pair of pants for days when I need to look more professional. These J.Crew Factory ones would do the job! 

5. Graphic tee. In my opinion, the French are masters of the "I just threw this on but I somehow still look incredibly sexy" look. A simple, loose-fitting graphic tee sends just that message. (Bonus points for being in French, J.Crew.) 

What's on your wishlist for fall so far? 
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