Dots, Spots and a Fall Challenge

Although I'm not trying to hurry summer along, in many ways I'm ready for the fall. (And sorry Aaron, it's not just because of college football.) For a while now, I've been thinking about doing a major closet clean-out, and there's no time like the fall to jump in and do that. Anne at In Residence just wrote a great post about it, and I found myself nodding my head with much of what she had to say. 

There's just so much stuff. I always tell myself I'm going to shop quality over quantity, but then there's a sale, or I have a coupon, or something. But enough! Seriously, I'm tired of having a bunch of stuff I like, when I could have a smaller selection of things that I love. Realistically I wear the crap out of the same few things anyway (chambray shirt and navy striped dress I'm talking to you). So I'm ready. Ready to get rid of all the clothes I feel lukewarm about. Ready to build a small(er) capsule wardrobe (thanks again Anne for leading me to Un-Fancy). Ready to challenge myself to believe that less really can be more. 

What challenges are you taking on for fall? Are you ready? 

Graphic t-shirt: Old Navy; polka dot skirt: Old Navy; leopard belt: Gap Outlet; black and gold sandals: Ross

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