White Time

Isn't it too early to be this hot and humid? My next hair appointment isn't until August, but I sure hope that day is a dry, cool one (ha!), otherwise I'm in danger of abandoning project Grow it Out

I successfully wore an all white look yesterday for #WWWSummer30. By successfully, I mean that I managed to wear it all day without spilling tomato sauce or chocolate on it, which is quite a feat for me. When I was pregnant, most of my maternity tank tops had a trademark brown dot on the belly from chocolate ice cream. (Sorry friends who lent me maternity clothes.)

So, would you wear (or have you worn) an all white look? 

It was so hot and humid the lens fogged up! It made for a cool (if unintentional) photo effect though. 

White and gold t-shirt: Old Navy; white denim skirt: Gap; belt: Loft; gold sandals: Merona, Target

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