Thoroughly Mondayed

That moment when you think you have another bite of ice cream left but you look down and your bowl is empty... Yeah, that was pretty much my day. I'm utterly exhausted. At work, the printer wouldn't print, and the email wouldn't quit. My workday was a cakewalk though compared to bath-time with Mr. Lets-try-to-get-into-as-much-trouble-as-possible. Gone are the days of sitting, splishing and splashing with the bath toys. All the things I don't want him doing in the tub (draining the drain, throwing the toys out of the tub, trying to climb out of the tub) are just the things Jona wants to do most. 

So if I look a little haggard in these photos, forgive me. To put it simply, I've been thoroughly Mondayed. 

Orange anchor print cardigan: J.Crew Factory; navy stripe tank: Gap Outlet; navy cropped pants: Gap Outlet; orange sandals: Target

Here's to Tuesday! Let's make it a good one, shall we? 

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