The Celebration Continues

Apparently my subconscious is still celebrating Independence Day. I chose this red, white, and blue outfit without even thinking about it. I was going for work-appropriate comfort. Plus a jacket for cold-office survival. (Thanks Anne for all the denim jacket inspiration!) It may be 95 degrees outside today, but you better believe my teeth are chattering inside. Thankfully I'm armed with a denim jacket and a space heater. 

Speaking of the Fourth of July, I feel like I really dropped the ball as a mom. I took no pictures of Jona in his red, white, and blue. (He rocked two patriotic looks and I didn't capture either one!) Also, he didn't see a single firework. He goes to bed before it gets dark, so we were already on the road by the time the fireworks started. Sorry, Jona, maybe next year! (I realize that he doesn't care about either missed opportunity. Just like all the other "firsts", it's more exciting for me.)

Did you watch (or set off) fireworks over the weekend? 

Denim jacket: Gap; navy print dress: Old Navy; red shoes: Toms

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