Mid Week Pick-Me-Ups: Mom Edition

Being a mom has its ups and downs, but here are a few things I'm enjoying about parenthood lately. 

1. Baby talk: Jona's ga-gas and babbles are starting to turn into words. He's been saying "da-da" for a while now, but he's added "doggie" and "uh oh" (which sounds like "uh ee") to his vocabulary. I'm crossing my fingers "ma-ma" isn't too far behind! 

2. Little mover: I'll be honest, I started to worry when Jona didn't start crawling a few months ago. Everyone would ask me, "Is he crawling yet?" and I'd always have to say no. (By the way, why is it that people ask the same questions about babies? "Is he sleeping through the night?" "Is he crawling?" "Is he walking?" etc.) He's decided on his own method of getting from point A to B: scooting. He sits up and scoots around on his bottom; he's getting pretty fast too! 

3. Good eats: We still feed Jona formula and some pureed baby food, but we're starting to give him some "real" food cut into small pieces as well. It's fun to expose him to new things and see what he'll try. So far his favorites are scrambled eggs and beans. We've tried lots of fruits, which he likes for the most part, once he can get it into his mouth (but they're slippery little suckers!). 

Eating is hard work!

4. Happy boy: We call the first few months of Jona's life his "angry baby" stage. I don't know if it was colic or just getting adjusted to life outside the womb, but boy could he wail. Since that stage passed, it's almost like he's making up for lost time. It's rare that he doesn't have a big, toothy grin on his face. People tell us all the time, "He's such a happy baby!" but believe me, that is not something we heard in the beginning. (It was more like, "Here you go, I don't think he likes me..." or "Is he hungry/wet/tired/cold/hot/upset about global warming/I give up why is he crying?")

5. Quiet time: While I love his giggles and grins, some of my favorite mom-moments are those quiet times when I can just hold my kiddo. It doesn't happen often; he's never been much of a snuggler. Every once in a while though if he's tired enough, I can spend a few minutes just holding Jona before he drifts off to sleep in his crib. When that happens I have a hard time putting him down! 

If you're a mom, what are some of the things you love most? If not, what are some things making you smile right now? 

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