Jona Style: Yellow with Blue Checks

I can't believe that in less than one month Jona will be a year old. He celebrated his 11 month "birthday" yesterday. I remember how long those first few days as a new mom felt; I feel like time sped up exponentially since then. 

Because of lighting, I've been doing most of my outfit photos after Jona goes to bed, so I haven't shown off my favorite accessory. That doesn't mean I'm cured of my compulsion to coordinate our outfits. However, with all the adventures in solid foods we're having, often what he starts out wearing is different from what he ends up in. (Or it's the same outfit, but "personalized" with peas, sweet potatoes, etc.)

Anyway, I thought it was about time Jona had his own outfit post. And mostly I just wanted to share pictures of that face. This is the "I'm about to cry, why are you doing this to me mommy?" face. He seems to be getting all of his top teeth in at once, so that doesn't help his patience. 

 Blue checked shirt: Carter's; white onesie: Gerber; shorts: Carter's

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