Dressed for Some Dirty Work

Yesterday at work I was tasked with investigating the cost of renting a porta-potty (due to some on-site maintenance going on). The worst part about this job was the fact that all the jokes I came up with to go along with my report went straight down the crapper. (I apologize in advance for this.) I feel comfortable joking around a little with my bosses, but I figured toilet-humor (albeit very fitting to the situation) would be a little much. 

Things I wanted to say: 
- I hate to pooh-pooh [Mr. Boss Man]'s idea, but the cost of a portable toilet is a bit steep. 
- If we spend this much on a porta-potty, our budget may be in deep doo-doo. 
- It was a good idea in theory, but in reality it needs to be flushed. 

So, if you came hear expecting to read about my outfit, sorry. But if you came here for a little humor, urine the right place. Okay, I'm done now, I swear. 

If you come up with any more good ones, leave them in the comments below! 

Aqua cardigan: Gap (super old); stripe t-shirt: Old Navy; navy pants: Gap Outlet; headband: Old Navy; bag: Nine West via Macy's; sandals: Old Navy

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