Dress, Vest, Done

Last week was a short work week for me; I stayed home with Jona on Monday and Friday. I absolutely loved my time spent at home, but the extra time away from work last week made for a busy day of catching up yesterday. 

For days I know will be crazy, I try to dress simply. I chose this printed maxi dress layered with a vest (#coldofficeproblems) and called it good. I didn't have to do any advance planning, I knew these layers would work together. And that was one less thing to worry about. Any simpler, and I could be on one of those new reality shows about naked people. (What is it with all these naked shows? Naked Dating, Buying Naked, Naked and Afraid... Really America? Is it that bad? Will we really watch anything on TV? Don't answer that.)

How does your schedule affect your choice of outfits? 

Cargo vest: Old Navy (emphasis on old); maxi dress: Target; orange sandals: Old Navy

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