Currently in July

Today I'm joining Anne of In Residence and Jenna of Dearest Love for their monthly Currently linkup. Here are a few things I'm up to right now.

1. Wishing: At the top of my summer clothing wishlist right now are skirts. I think my work wardrobe could use a little freshening up with a few skirts in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. (Clockwise from top left: Old Navy; Loft; Loft; Gap)

2. Celebrating: Yesterday was Aaron's and my 8th wedding anniversary! It's been a wonderful 8 years, and this year's growth from a family of two to a family of three (well, four if you include Ellie the dog) made it the best year yet. We're going to dinner at La Bodega for a tapas dinner on Thursday to celebrate. We'll also be celebrating Aaron's birthday, which is Saturday. July is quite a month for celebrations!

3. Wearing: A little red, white and blue. It's impossible not to pair this navy and white dress with red shoes this week. It's also impossible not to show off this equally patriotic baby. 

4. Cooking: I kept the all-American theme with dinner. We had BBQ burgers with baked potatoes and fresh cherries. 

5. Planning: I'm planning a few outings for the long weekend. Friday we're headed to a friend's 4th of July bash. On Saturday if the weather permits I'd like to take Jona to explore a new walking path. My mom will also be making a quick bonus visit this weekend, so I'm having fun planning for her stay. {Also, I don't have a picture to go with planning, so I give you a cute Jona picture.}

What are you up to right now? 

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