Black Pencil Skirt 2 Ways

I'm pretty sure a black pencil skirt is on every list of work-wear "must-haves". However, it's not something I find myself reaching for often; it often gets forgotten in the back of my closet. So I challenged myself to wear it twice last week, in two contrasting ways. 

Look 1: Basics. Inspired by the Inspiration Monday picture at Two Birds, I paired my black pencil skirt with some of my real closet staples: my jean jacket, a white tee, and black sandals.

Jean jacket: Gap; white t-shirt: J.Crew Factory; black pencil skirt: Loft; black sandals: Ross

Look 2. Soft Color Contrast. I wear a lot more navy (and denim) than I do black, so sometimes I have a hard time pairing black with light, soft colors. Surprisingly, I like the contrast of the dark and light. 

Blouse (as jacket): thrifted; turquoise t-shirt: Target; black pencil skirt: Loft; black sandals: Target

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