Learning to Love Leopard

I was fairly slow to jump on the leopard bandwagon. I started with a pair of shoes a few years ago, then added a blouse, and after that a belt. When those items started to become frequent flyers in my wardrobe, I decided I needed a leopard print scarf as well. (All I need is a pair of leopard pants and I've got myself a Halloween costume!) 

When Sammydress contacted me about doing a product review, what did I find on their site but a perfectly lightweight leopard print scarf? The colors, weight, and leopard pattern are exactly what I'd been looking for. I wouldn't say the quality is fantastic, but it's pretty comparable to other sheer, lightweight scarves I own. It will join the other much-loved leopard pieces in my closet and get plenty of wear, no doubt. Thanks Sammydress! 

Do you own any leopard print? What's your most-worn leopard item? 

White t-shirt: J.Crew Factory; green pants: Gap Outlet; leopard scarf: Sammydress; sandals: Ross

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