Jona's First Vacation: St. Louis

A few weeks ago we went on our first vacation as a family of three. We didn't stray far; we drove four hours east to St. Louis, Missouri for a long weekend. Aaron and I both had been working hard and we needed a little getaway; this was the perfect trip. Here's what we loved about our trip. 

Our hotel was right downtown, so we were able to walk pretty much everywhere. As you can see, Jona was one happy boy during the trip! 

Our location was perfect for sightseeing. We walked around until our legs ached and Jona could barely keep his eyes open. Some favorite sights to see: the arch, beautiful buildings and fountains, the library (yes, we went to the library!), ballpark village. 

I would say one of the best things we did in St. Louis was eat. If we ever make another trip there, I would definitely return to Baileys' Range for burgers and shakes, Pi for pizza, and Zia's on The Hill for delicious Italian fare. 

Baseball was our original reason for going to St. Louis. Eventually we'd like to visit all the ballparks (my husband is a big baseball fan and I'm slowly but surely turning into one). We wanted to see the Cardinals play the Royals, and we were lucky enough to see the Royals beat the Cardinals! 

Honestly, we thought we were going to be bored to tears here, but the Missouri Botanical Garden was one of the best places we visited. It was absolutely gorgeous. (Even Jona enjoyed his view from the stroller!) 

Only one thing I would skip on our next trip to St. Louis: 

Jona's face sums up how we felt about the St. Louis Zoo. Maybe we just didn't catch it on a good day.  (We went too early? It was too hot?) Or, maybe our experience at the Omaha zoo last year ruined other zoos for us completely. (That zoo is phenomenal, seriously. Go to the Omaha Zoo.) It wasn't terrible of course, but it was far from our favorite part of the trip. 

Have you been to St. Louis? Where else should we have gone? 

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