Did you watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday? All two minutes of it? A friend's parents host a Derby party every year, and this year Jona got to attend his first one. Let's see, Jona in a hat his crazy mom made him wear (again!), surrounded by lots and lots of people he's never seen before. Yeah, there was a lot of crying at the Derby party. And my dang horse lost! But I had a delicious piece of Derby Pie, and then everything was right with the world again. 

It was a weekend of firsts for Jona. He also attended his first Kansas City Royals game yesterday. He even got a little certificate marking his official first day at the stadium, isn't that cute? The total ass-kicking the Royals received from the Tigers, however, was not very cute. Oh well. 

What did you do this weekend? 

Dress: Merona, Target; belt: from another dress; shoes: Merona, Target

All decked out in our Royals gear! 

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