Striped Blazer, Neon and Denim

Thanks to my birthday money spend-a-thon and shopping with my mom, almost everything I'm wearing in this post is a recent purchase. After my favorite boyfriend jeans met their death, I needed a replacement pair. I found these at Loft on a day everything was 40 percent off. Target was having a t-shirt sale so I picked up this neon yellow one. Finally, Gap Outlet had this blazer at 30 percent off (but still a little more than I wanted to spend), and I nearly put it back but my mom decided to spoil her only daughter and buy it. 

As much as I tell myself I'm going to stick to my list when shopping, and buy quality over quantity, the reality is I can't resist a good sale. What's your shopping style? Do you seek out sales too? 

Striped blazer: Gap Outlet; neon t-shirt: Target; boyfriend jeans: Loft; flats: Target

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