Spring Brights and Mom Thoughts

The little blogging vacation I took lasted a bit longer than I'd planned, sorry. I wish work were that flexible. "You know [boss] those couple days I took? Well, it turns out I felt like being gone a little longer than that. Oops!" If anyone has a job like that, do share. And send me an application. 

Actually, my new job is going pretty well, and most days I enjoy it. However, it's always after a few days off (or even just a weekend) that I wish and wonder about being a stay-at-home mom. It's not something that's financially feasible for us right now, but I think if it were I would at least give it a try. We're very fortunate to have wonderful child care, and I know that Jona is in excellent hands when while Aaron and I are working. However, my pre-child self couldn't have imagined how much I miss that kiddo during the day! Weekends go by too fast, and I feel like evenings are too short (especially when bed time is before 7:00). Just like I'm sure there are days when stay-at-home-moms look at working moms with envy, this working mom thinks the grass is looking pretty green over on their side. 

Cardigan: Gap Outlet (similar); dress: Loft (similar); sandals: Steve Madden via DSW (in gold)

What are your thoughts on working vs staying at home with your kids (or future kids)? 

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