Navy Dress Remix: Spring Colors

I was just talking about how I can't wear necklaces anymore, and what am I wearing in this post? A big ol' necklace. Jona did want to eat it (what's more delectable than a pearl?) but I was smart enough to take it off when I went to pick him up from the babysitter's. 

This striped dress is still going strong. I know there are some style bloggers whose outfit posts consist of mostly new clothes, but that's not me. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, and I'm sure that I would do more shopping if I could. However, I really try to get my money's worth out of what's in my closet, and when there's something I really love (like this dress) I wear the heck out of it. When I do have money to spend on clothes (which is pretty much my birthday and Christmas these days) my recent goal has been to buy fewer high-quality pieces rather than lots of cheap stuff. Of course, then I go to Target and that goal goes right out the window. 

Cardigan: Gap; dress: Land's End Canvas; necklace: Loft Outlet; belt: Target; shoes: BCBG via DSW

What's your shopping style? Has it changed over the years? 
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