Back Up Plan

I've been trying to stick to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog posting schedule, mostly because posting three days a week is manageable right now, and because I like schedules. But Jona laughed in the face of my scheduling by puking all over yesterday's outfit. There went that plan. (He's much better now by the way, thanks for the get-well wishes to him!)

Today is my Friday this week, because I'm taking tomorrow off. Tomorrow can't come soon enough; although I missed work Monday because Jona was sick, it definitely did not feel like a day off. Aaron is taking the day off too, and we're planning on going to lunch to celebrate me being one year older. I love it when my birthday falls on a Friday! 

I probably won't post again until next week, so I hope you have a great weekend! 

Blouse (worn as jacket): Tucker for Target; dress: Forever 21; necklace: Love is Rising; shoes: BC Footwear

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