Dress for Success

As laid-back and relaxing as the weekend was, the week so far has been just the opposite. I've been running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off for a good reason though: I got a promotion at my job! You may remember that I was working as a receptionist for a lab and wellness company. It was a good job while I was working on my Library Science Master's, but since taking a break I wanted something more challenging.

Now, as the new executive administrative assistant to our company's CEO and CFO, my wish for a challenge has been granted. I have a lot to learn and seemingly endless responsibilities to juggle. Even after only two days, I can already tell that every day is going to be different and I will never, ever get bored. I hope I can keep up! 

Striped cardigan: Loft; t-shirt: J.Crew Factory; turquoise jeans: Old Navy; floral scarf: Old Navy; navy boat shoes: Target

I want to hear about what you do every day. What's your job? Do you like it? 

Yellow Sandals and Long Weekends

Long weekends are the best. If only every weekend had an extra day tacked on; how great would that be? Friday Aaron and I went to lunch and to get ice cream. Nothing says happy birthday like a huge waffle cone. To cure our food comas, we spent the evening just relaxing at my best friend Abby's house. I also did a little shopping over the weekend. I had a birthday coupon from DSW so I picked up the sunny yellow sandals I'm wearing below. Even with the extra day, the weekend flew by. Why is that always the case? 

What did you do over the weekend? 

Jean jacket: Gap; t-shirt: Loft; skirt: NY & Co; sandals: Steve Madden via DSW

I can just SEE his thoughts here. "Seriously mom? You're making me take pictures with you again?"

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Back Up Plan

I've been trying to stick to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog posting schedule, mostly because posting three days a week is manageable right now, and because I like schedules. But Jona laughed in the face of my scheduling by puking all over yesterday's outfit. There went that plan. (He's much better now by the way, thanks for the get-well wishes to him!)

Today is my Friday this week, because I'm taking tomorrow off. Tomorrow can't come soon enough; although I missed work Monday because Jona was sick, it definitely did not feel like a day off. Aaron is taking the day off too, and we're planning on going to lunch to celebrate me being one year older. I love it when my birthday falls on a Friday! 

I probably won't post again until next week, so I hope you have a great weekend! 

Blouse (worn as jacket): Tucker for Target; dress: Forever 21; necklace: Love is Rising; shoes: BC Footwear

Easter Sunday 2014

For those of you who celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Easter yesterday. We decided to get up early and go to the sunrise service at our church to beat the crowds. We're usually up pretty early anyway thanks to our cute little 8 month old alarm clock, so it didn't require much more effort to get out the door on time. 

The day started out perfectly. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a walk after church. I would have preferred a better ending to the day; it's once again sick baby time at our house, it seems. My fingers are crossed that Jona is happy and healthy again soon. 

On me: cardigan: Target; dress: Old Navy; belt: Loft; sandals: Old Navy; on Jona: all Old Navy (yes...went on a little bit of an Easter shopping spree at ON)

How was your weekend? 

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Navy Dress Remix: Spring Colors

I was just talking about how I can't wear necklaces anymore, and what am I wearing in this post? A big ol' necklace. Jona did want to eat it (what's more delectable than a pearl?) but I was smart enough to take it off when I went to pick him up from the babysitter's. 

This striped dress is still going strong. I know there are some style bloggers whose outfit posts consist of mostly new clothes, but that's not me. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, and I'm sure that I would do more shopping if I could. However, I really try to get my money's worth out of what's in my closet, and when there's something I really love (like this dress) I wear the heck out of it. When I do have money to spend on clothes (which is pretty much my birthday and Christmas these days) my recent goal has been to buy fewer high-quality pieces rather than lots of cheap stuff. Of course, then I go to Target and that goal goes right out the window. 

Cardigan: Gap; dress: Land's End Canvas; necklace: Loft Outlet; belt: Target; shoes: BCBG via DSW

What's your shopping style? Has it changed over the years? 
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Creative Accessorizing

I'm starting to realize that I may have to get a little creative with my accessorizing. Normally I'd be tempted to add a big sparkly necklace to this look, but since Jona would want to eat such a necklace, I had to refrain. Instead I opted for a glittery belt (not as delicious-looking I guess). I won't be retiring all my jewelry, but on weekends at least I'll have to stick to baby-friendly accessories. Or I'll just let the baby be the accessory (like I did here). 

Shirt: J.Crew Factory; pants: Gap Outlet; belt: Loft; sandals: Steve Madden

Do you have any baby-friendly accessorizing ideas for me? 

Weekend Wear: Gray, Pink and Denim

I'm not ready for Monday. (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir.) This weekend was pretty perfect, and I'd much prefer it not to end just yet. We spent it hanging out with Jona, with friends, and Aaron and I even had a date night. We're so fortunate to have my dad, step-mom, and sister nearby who are always willing (and eager) to babysit. 

While Jona was being thoroughly spoiled, Aaron and I went to the nearby town of Parkville, Missouri. We walked around, visited some shops, and played a round of mini golf. We were craving Mexican food (read: Margaritas) and didn't really like our options in Parkville so we went to downtown Kansas City to try a place called Los Tules. That was a great decision. I'm still thinking about that meal. 

Gray jacket: Loft; pink tee: Target; jeans: J.Crew Factory; polka dot flats: Madewell

How did you spend your weekend?

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Spring Smiles

A spring Friday that actually feels like spring? It's a miracle! I'm always happy about the weekend, but having nice weather to enjoy makes me that much happier. Whites and brights are also making me smile right now. Nothing here is particularly new, but to me it still feels fresh. 

Cardigan: Loft; white tee: J.Crew Factory; skirt: The Limited; scarf: Target; flats: Target

What's making you happy today? 
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Double Your Dots

I haven't done one of these "currently" posts in a while. Here's what I've been up to lately: 

Reading: A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy. I just discovered Maeve Binchy; I finished Heart and Soul right before reading this one. Her characters are lovable, imperfect people who remind you of your own friends. If I had an entire afternoon to spend reading, I'd happily do it with one of these novels. 

Listening to: At work I listen to music all day at my desk, and lately I've been listening to a local radio station, 96.5 The Buzz, (#ListenLonger!) quite a bit. The songs I look forward to hearing right now are Desire by Meg Meyers and Psylla by Glass Animals. 

Watching: Baseball! The older I get (and the longer I'm married to Aaron) the more I enjoy watching baseball. I've always loved going to Royals games, but now I happily watch them on TV as well. Go Royals! (My dad is a sports nut. Aaron is a sports nut. Now I have a son. I've decided to adopt a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy of sports-watching.)

Eating: Pretty much everything I see on Iowa Girl Eats. Last night we had her Homemade Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper and it was go-od. So good that you have to make "good" have two syllables, "goo-ood". 

Wearing: Polka dots. Doubled up. 

Sweatshirt: Loft; blouse: Banana Republic Factory; jeans: Loft; shoes: Target

What have you been up to lately? 
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Comfort Rules

I pretty much abandoned style this weekend in favor of comfort. Sometimes, that's what you gotta do. Jona and I had a baby play-date (or excuse for a mom-friends get together) on Saturday, so I had to dress for the possibility of getting food/spit-up/drool on me. (Well, let's be honest; there's always that possibility.) Yesterday we went to go watch my sister's soccer game, so again, comfort was key.

I had a cuter striped outfit planned for Inspiration Monday at Two Birds, but it got traded for the hoodie and Chuck Taylors. And then the matching happened. (But seriously! Babies in hoodies!) I'm still linking up, even though this is a very loose interpretation of the inspiration picture. 

Did you dress for comfort or style this weekend? What were you up to?  

On me: hoodie: Target; striped tee: Old Navy; jeans: Gap; shoes: Converse; on Jona: hoodie: Carter's; striped onesie: Carter's; pants: no idea and I'm not going to risk waking him up to go look; socks: Carter's (Hey Carter's! Want to sponsor my cute kid? Just kidding. Sort of.)

Hey a smile! (I may or may not have been tickling his feet to get that.)

The Skirt that Brought Winter

I bought this skirt after I had Jona because I needed stretchy, comfortable clothes that were appropriate to wear outside the house. I found this skirt at Old Navy, and apparently it's the skirt that brings winter. I think I wore it once before it started getting really cold out, and so I put it in the back of my closet and forgot about it. Now that winter is (finally, hopefully) coming to an end, this comfy-as-pajamas pencil skirt is ready to be a part of my wardrobe again. Welcome back, dotty skirt, welcome back. 

Jean jacket: Gap; white t-shirt: J.Crew Factory; skirt: Old Navy; scarf: Old Navy; sandals: BC Footwear; inspired by this look at Here & Now

What are you ready to wear once spring begins?