Wash, Move, Swim

I finally joined the graphic tee club when I spotted this one on sale at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago. I thought about waiting for a J.Crew sale and getting one with French words on it (why does everything look chicer in French?) but patience isn't my strong suit. I wonder, in France do they shell out more for the graphic tees written in English? 

My shirt says "live, laugh, love" which are great words of wisdom, although I'd be inclined to add "eat" in there somewhere. It would ruin the alliteration, but would suit me a little better. Think about it, Old Navy. Also think of getting on the French bandwagon. But maybe make the French words completely random, like "laver, bouger, nager." You'd be walking around thinking your shirt said some elegant French expression, until some Francophone asks you why you're wearing a shirt that says "wash, move, swim".

 Blazer: Loft; graphic tee: Old Navy; jeans: J.Crew Factory; shoes: Target

What would your graphic tee say? 
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