Veggie Tales

Along with getting back on the blogging horse, another one of my goals this year to to eat more fruits and vegetables. And lucky for Aaron, that means he has to gets to eat more fruits and vegetables too. I'm trying to mix it up and try new things to find what we both like, so that having a vegetable with dinner doesn't mean having both green beans cooked to oblivion with bacon (Aaron's version of a vegetable) and raw carrots with dip (mine). Asparagus has been moderately successful, kale was hit (me) and miss (him), and the surprise favorite was spaghetti squash (made this recipe, yum!). 

Although it's neither fruit nor veggie, our adventures in healthy eating continue tonight with quinoa. I've had it before and liked it. Aaron, on the other hand, is no doubt hiding a box of Rice a Roni to make just in case the oddly-spelled grain isn't quite his thing. I'm on to you Aaron. Actually, he's being a really good sport about this healthy eating stuff. Just so he doesn't think I'm too crazy, I do things like make s'mores bars too. (Hey, everything in moderation, right?)

So what about you? Are there any new fruit or veggie recipes you love that we need to try? (Or healthy food blogs to read?)

Paisley shirt: thrifted J.Crew; striped shirt: H&M; pants: Loft; shoes: Blowfish

Outfit inspiration: Blue Paper Lanterns

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