Spring Skirt and a Missing Scarf

The thermometer passed the freezing mark today, which merited a spring-ready floral skirt. (Yes, the same skirt I wore when I was pregnant.) Just so I didn't get to far ahead of myself with the spring fever, it was still cold enough outside to pair it with a sweater, boots, and tights. I had a bright pink scarf on too, which somehow didn't make it into the pictures. 

Maybe when I picked up Jona I subconsciously decided the scarf was too much. (Didn't Coco Chanel always say to remove one accessory before leaving the house?) Don't worry, you got the better deal. The baby is much cuter than the scarf. Even if he does don a blank stare for picture time. After 5 pm that's pretty much what you get. An evening baby he is not. 

On me: sweater: Gap Outlet; skirt: Target; tights: Gap; boots: Mia; on Jona: all Carters via Ross 

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