Resolution Refresher

We may already be well into 2014, but lately I can't stop thinking about my (not so) New Year's Resolutions. Call me ambitious, but I had several this year, including attend church more regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables, get a better job, and get back into blogging. They're all still works in progress, but I would say I'm moving in the right direction for all my goals. 

However, in order for me to blog and enjoy blogging on a regular basis, I'm in need of a little refresh. Actually, I need a major overhaul. I'd like to change the look and feel of my blog, but I also want to change the name. Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique was fitting when I was a French teacher, and I had more food-related posts. Changing the name, though, has been on my mind for a long time. I mean, who the heck wants to type Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique in a search engine in the address bar anywhere?

So, my lovely design-savvy friends, I need your help. Do you have any recommendations for affordable site redesign resources? I'm pretty sure that my friends who did this blog design aren't doing blogs anymore (am I right Rachel and Victoria?). I want a clean, fresh look. Nothing fancy. Also, any tips for making a blog name change a smooth transition? Thanks for your input!

(Oh yes this is an outfit post, despite the lack of clothes-talk; here are the deets.) Jacket: Madewell; stripes: H&M; green pants: Gap Outlet; shoes: Target (they have reached the stage where I had to break out the superglue...tear)

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And I totally forgot to mention in the original post that I straight-up stole this outfit. Thank you Audrey of Putting Me Together for the inspiration! 
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