You know how some pants look and feel their best right when you put them on, and others get better after a couple wears? These green pants belong in the former category; they're so crisp and clean, with just the right fit, when I put them on in the morning. By the end of the day, however, they start to resemble a basset hound...all wrinkles and sags (very cute attributes for basset hounds, not so much for pants). Are there any pants out there that just look cute and flattering ALL the time? 

In other news, do you know what's the greatest thing ever? Baby laughs. For some reason Jona thinks it is hilarious when I use the lint roller on myself. He should see me iron. What a doozy that would be. (Too bad that happens, like, never.) 

Over to you...pants stories? Laughing baby stories? General weekend goings on?

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; top: Target; problem pants: Gap Outlet; sandals: Steve Madden (Sandals! It's spring!)

Linking up with the lovely sisters (whose pants are always cute) at Two Birds for Inspiration Monday.

Also, happy birthday to my little sis Jenny!!

Furthermore, I just realized that I have more posts so far in 2014 than I did for the ENTIRE year of 2013. Go 2014 me! (Okay, this is the end of the post, I swear.)

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