A Family that Stripes Together

I know, with the matching. I know. But it's like, I put on stripes, then I think, you know who else would be cute in stripes? Jona. It's a sickness, it really is. We were that family in church the other day. All three of us had on stripes. Aaron's matching was completely accidental though. I swear, I really do. At least Ellie (our dog) has been spared. I don't dress her to match me. I don't dress her at all. Because, you know, that would be ridiculous. 

On me: Peplum top: Loft; jeans: Gap; shoes: Gap Outlet; on Jona: striped polo: thrifted Old Navy; jeans: thrifted Old Navy; socks: Converse

Jona saves his best poker-face for picture time, I swear. He is clearly not amused.
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