You know how some pants look and feel their best right when you put them on, and others get better after a couple wears? These green pants belong in the former category; they're so crisp and clean, with just the right fit, when I put them on in the morning. By the end of the day, however, they start to resemble a basset hound...all wrinkles and sags (very cute attributes for basset hounds, not so much for pants). Are there any pants out there that just look cute and flattering ALL the time? 

In other news, do you know what's the greatest thing ever? Baby laughs. For some reason Jona thinks it is hilarious when I use the lint roller on myself. He should see me iron. What a doozy that would be. (Too bad that happens, like, never.) 

Over to you...pants stories? Laughing baby stories? General weekend goings on?

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; top: Target; problem pants: Gap Outlet; sandals: Steve Madden (Sandals! It's spring!)

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Also, happy birthday to my little sis Jenny!!

Furthermore, I just realized that I have more posts so far in 2014 than I did for the ENTIRE year of 2013. Go 2014 me! (Okay, this is the end of the post, I swear.)

A Family that Stripes Together

I know, with the matching. I know. But it's like, I put on stripes, then I think, you know who else would be cute in stripes? Jona. It's a sickness, it really is. We were that family in church the other day. All three of us had on stripes. Aaron's matching was completely accidental though. I swear, I really do. At least Ellie (our dog) has been spared. I don't dress her to match me. I don't dress her at all. Because, you know, that would be ridiculous. 

On me: Peplum top: Loft; jeans: Gap; shoes: Gap Outlet; on Jona: striped polo: thrifted Old Navy; jeans: thrifted Old Navy; socks: Converse

Jona saves his best poker-face for picture time, I swear. He is clearly not amused.
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Veggie Tales

Along with getting back on the blogging horse, another one of my goals this year to to eat more fruits and vegetables. And lucky for Aaron, that means he has to gets to eat more fruits and vegetables too. I'm trying to mix it up and try new things to find what we both like, so that having a vegetable with dinner doesn't mean having both green beans cooked to oblivion with bacon (Aaron's version of a vegetable) and raw carrots with dip (mine). Asparagus has been moderately successful, kale was hit (me) and miss (him), and the surprise favorite was spaghetti squash (made this recipe, yum!). 

Although it's neither fruit nor veggie, our adventures in healthy eating continue tonight with quinoa. I've had it before and liked it. Aaron, on the other hand, is no doubt hiding a box of Rice a Roni to make just in case the oddly-spelled grain isn't quite his thing. I'm on to you Aaron. Actually, he's being a really good sport about this healthy eating stuff. Just so he doesn't think I'm too crazy, I do things like make s'mores bars too. (Hey, everything in moderation, right?)

So what about you? Are there any new fruit or veggie recipes you love that we need to try? (Or healthy food blogs to read?)

Paisley shirt: thrifted J.Crew; striped shirt: H&M; pants: Loft; shoes: Blowfish

Outfit inspiration: Blue Paper Lanterns

Yes, this was very random. So I'm linking up to Random Wednesday at Because Shanna Said So

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Saturday Shoes

I love Saturday. I wish we got two each week. These days my Saturdays are usually spent hanging out with my boys and running errands (and usually wearing these cute, comfy shoes). This one was no different; we had a lazy morning (well, as lazy as a morning with an early-waking baby can be) and then made a trip to Target and Costco. We stayed in for the rest of the day and watched basketball and played with Jona. It was nothing out of the ordinary or exciting, but it was nice nonetheless. 

What's your typical Saturday like? 

Cardigan: Target; shirt: Gap Outlet; necklace: Forever 21; jeans: J.Crew Factory; shoes: Toms

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Ready, Set, Grow!

Why yes, I do believe I'll remix the heck out of this t-shirt, please and thank you. It freshened up this older than old skirt quite nicely, and I don't think the hot pink flair hurt either. 

I think I've finally reached that point with my hair that I'm ready to make the commitment and grow it out. I love it short, and it's so gosh darned easy, but I've had it like this for so. very. long. I just have to put my (awkward-in-between-length-haired) head down and tough it out. I may need a pep talk from time to time, but I'm ready to do this. (Yes, I realize I'm talking about growing hair here, not training for a marathon. We all have our strengths.)

Blazer: Old Navy; graphic tee: Old Navy; skirt: Gap; necklace: Bauble Bar; shoes: Target; outfit inspiration from Because Shanna Said So

Navy Love

Well, there was no green beer for me on Monday, my poor little guy was sick. Still is sick, in fact. I'm not sure if it's a virus, a new tooth coming in, or a bad cold, but I feel like the baby-sickness fairy can leave our house any time now. 

On a healthier day last week, I did some baby-mom coordinating in navy blue. (I really can't help myself. Nor do I want to.) Navy has been my go-to neutral this year, which is why I couldn't pass up this scarf at Old Navy. I wanted a neutral print that would go with a multitude of colors and patterns, and I also wanted it to be lightweight enough for spring. It gets bonus points for looking so great next to a cute elephant print onesie. 

Jona's face in this one made me laugh. 

On me: jacket: Loft; t-shirt: J.Crew Factory; scarf: Old Navy; jeans: Gap; shoes: Blowfish; on Jona: onesie: Carters; jeans: Old Navy

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Navy Floral with a Hint of Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Since it wasn't actually St. Patrick's Day when I wore this, my green is a bit muted. But hey, at least I have some on. Hopefully by the time you read this I'll be wearing my green K-State shirt and drinking some green beer. I took the day off since Aaron is on spring break (and a few friends also took off work). I say hopefully because Jona wasn't feeling well last night, and I may end up staying home with him. I just hope he feels better, I could really give or take the green beer. (You know me, my idea of a good time these days is a nap. And some ice cream.)

Jacket: Old Navy; dress: Forever 21; boots: Mia

I'm joining Two Birds for Inspiration Monday. 

Resolution Refresher

We may already be well into 2014, but lately I can't stop thinking about my (not so) New Year's Resolutions. Call me ambitious, but I had several this year, including attend church more regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables, get a better job, and get back into blogging. They're all still works in progress, but I would say I'm moving in the right direction for all my goals. 

However, in order for me to blog and enjoy blogging on a regular basis, I'm in need of a little refresh. Actually, I need a major overhaul. I'd like to change the look and feel of my blog, but I also want to change the name. Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique was fitting when I was a French teacher, and I had more food-related posts. Changing the name, though, has been on my mind for a long time. I mean, who the heck wants to type Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique in a search engine in the address bar anywhere?

So, my lovely design-savvy friends, I need your help. Do you have any recommendations for affordable site redesign resources? I'm pretty sure that my friends who did this blog design aren't doing blogs anymore (am I right Rachel and Victoria?). I want a clean, fresh look. Nothing fancy. Also, any tips for making a blog name change a smooth transition? Thanks for your input!

(Oh yes this is an outfit post, despite the lack of clothes-talk; here are the deets.) Jacket: Madewell; stripes: H&M; green pants: Gap Outlet; shoes: Target (they have reached the stage where I had to break out the superglue...tear)

Linking up to Friday's Fancies at Long Distance Loving

And I totally forgot to mention in the original post that I straight-up stole this outfit. Thank you Audrey of Putting Me Together for the inspiration! 
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Wash, Move, Swim

I finally joined the graphic tee club when I spotted this one on sale at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago. I thought about waiting for a J.Crew sale and getting one with French words on it (why does everything look chicer in French?) but patience isn't my strong suit. I wonder, in France do they shell out more for the graphic tees written in English? 

My shirt says "live, laugh, love" which are great words of wisdom, although I'd be inclined to add "eat" in there somewhere. It would ruin the alliteration, but would suit me a little better. Think about it, Old Navy. Also think of getting on the French bandwagon. But maybe make the French words completely random, like "laver, bouger, nager." You'd be walking around thinking your shirt said some elegant French expression, until some Francophone asks you why you're wearing a shirt that says "wash, move, swim".

 Blazer: Loft; graphic tee: Old Navy; jeans: J.Crew Factory; shoes: Target

What would your graphic tee say? 
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Lovely Weekend Wears: Neutrals with Sparkle

As I'm typing this, Aaron is watching Railroad Alaska and it's blowing my mind. So if this post ends abruptly it's because Shandi and her one month old baby didn't make it to the train on time after the two mile hike and I had a heart attack. 

Anyway, what a lovely weekend it was. The weather Friday and yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, perfect for taking Jona and Ellie for a walk. Saturday's weather wasn't quite as ideal, but regardless it was a day well spent. Jona and I paid a visit to some friends, including a play-date with my friend Becky's sweet 3-month old girl. Baby play-dates are hilarious. Both slept half the time, then when they were awake we had two sets of curious eyes scoping each other out, and one set of curious hands trying to grab his friend's hair, face, arms, etc. I think we'll wait a little longer on the interaction.

How did you spend your weekend? 

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; t-shirt: Target (in the jammies section...SO comfy!); jeans: thrifted Gap (met their death with a huge rip this weekend unfortunately); necklace: Fenno Fashion; belt: Loft; flats: Target

P.S. I'm linking up to Two Birds Inspiration Monday. I love those stylish sisters, be sure to check them out! 

P.P.S. Shandi made it. Whew! 
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Spring Skirt and a Missing Scarf

The thermometer passed the freezing mark today, which merited a spring-ready floral skirt. (Yes, the same skirt I wore when I was pregnant.) Just so I didn't get to far ahead of myself with the spring fever, it was still cold enough outside to pair it with a sweater, boots, and tights. I had a bright pink scarf on too, which somehow didn't make it into the pictures. 

Maybe when I picked up Jona I subconsciously decided the scarf was too much. (Didn't Coco Chanel always say to remove one accessory before leaving the house?) Don't worry, you got the better deal. The baby is much cuter than the scarf. Even if he does don a blank stare for picture time. After 5 pm that's pretty much what you get. An evening baby he is not. 

On me: sweater: Gap Outlet; skirt: Target; tights: Gap; boots: Mia; on Jona: all Carters via Ross 

Comfy Dots and Snow Boots

Ugh, Monday. A ridiculously cold Monday, which makes it even worse. I'm hoping this is the last of the bitterly cold weeks, but knowing fickle Kansas weather it won't be. Okay, enough whining. I'm actually pretty happy because we're finally all healthy. Over the past week Aaron, Jona, and I all passed around a cold. It was the first time Jona's been sick, and as much as I hate being sick myself, I feel about a million times worse watching him suffer through it. Thank goodness everyone feels better now! 

Here's to a healthy, hot cocoa-filled week! 

Jacket: Gap; sweatshirt: Loft; chambray shirt: Madewell; ponte pants: Loft; snow boots: Sorel