Navy Blue Prints and Red for a Memorable Weekend

I love starting the week on Tuesday. It feels like Monday, but because it's a day later, the week just seems to go better. Anyone else agree? This weekend was a whirlwind, with an equal mix of fun, cute baby antics, and relaxation. The fun included breakfast out with my boys, lunch with family, Jona being a good, happy baby during the aforementioned dining-out scenarios, and a nice Valentine's dinner at home with Aaron. (Notice how all my fun includes food?) Also, this weekend may go down in the record books because I managed to squeeze in two naps. A feat these days. 

Sweater: Loft; blouse: J.Crew Factory; pants: Gap; flats: Target

This guy also turned 6 months over the weekend. 6 months!! How has time gone so fast?

What made your weekend memorable?
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