How I Spent My Snow Day

Well, I got my first snow day as a non-teacher on Tuesday. It was also my first snow day as a parent, which meant a lot more playing and a lot less napping than on previous snow days. However, I still may have treated myself to a mid-morning cup of coffee made Irish, as well as a glass of wine well before happy hour. If you can't indulge on a snow day, then when the heck can you?  

I also indulged the baking kick I've been on by making some chocolate chip blondies while Jona was happily bouncing away in his bouncer. (So it sounds like I spent Tuesday drinking a lot and not holding my child. Awesome. I swear the rest of that day was spent playing with, holding, and being a devoted mother to Jona.) 

What's your favorite thing to do on an unexpected day off? 

Jacket: Loft; sweater: Target, gift; jeans: J.Crew Factory; necklace: Dean Harris for Target; boots: Target

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