Nautical Stripes and Red for a Special Day

Since having Jona, I feel like my life has one speed: fast. We just had a weekend, but I need another weekend just to recover. On Sunday we had family over to celebrate Jona's baptism. I know I said I wasn't going to make him be my prop in all my outfit photos, but he looked so handsome in his church clothes that I couldn't help myself. 

Other than the accessory I'm holding, there's nothing new or exciting about my outfit. I just wanted to coordinate with Jona since we had to stand up in front of the congregation. (As if I need an excuse.) As you can see this dress, a wardrobe MVP from last year, is still going strong! 

On me: jean jacket: Gap; dress: Land's End Canvas; necklace: Loft outlet; shoes: Target; on Jona: sweater: Target; chambray shirt onesie: BabyGap Outlet; khakis: Old Navy; socks: Trumpette

"Seriously mom? You're putting me on your blog again?"
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