Miss Stripe

One of my former coworkers nicknamed me "Miss Stripe" because of how often I showed up to work wearing my favorite pattern. It started when I was pregnant, and it's true that the majority of my maternity wardrobe consisted of stripes. However, although my wardrobe is now far less limited, I have not let go of this pattern addiction. 

In fact, in the last two months I've added two more striped pieces to my wardrobe. The peplum top seen here, and the sleeveless blouse I'm wearing below. My excuse? Sure, I have a lot of stripes, but I don't have peplum stripes or a striped button-up blouse! If I didn't already know how much wear these two new additions would get I might just have to hang my stripe-loving head in shame. 

Cardigan: Gap outlet; blouse: J.Crew Factory; jeans: Gap; earrings: Bauble Bar; shoes: Old Navy

What pattern fills up your closet? 
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