I Steal Things and Like It

Okay, so by things I mean outfits and by steal I don't really mean steal. You guys know I'm too much of a rule-follower for that. Anyhow, my point here is that I can't get dressed on my own anymore. 

I used to go shopping, then come home and head straight for the closet to try to create lots of outfits starring my newly purchased goods. Now, I'm lucky to get time to shop let alone spend hours playing dress up. Lucky for me, now there are things like Pinterest that let me look like I tried hard without actually trying hard. All I have to do is peruse my board for the current season, pick what I want to wear (I try to pin outfits created with pieces similar to those in my closet), and get dressed. Usually I do some tweaking to make the outfit "me", but otherwise, the looks you see here are stolen goods. 

On me: cardigan: Loft; chambray shirt: Madewell; jeans: gap; necklace: Bauble Bar; boots: Target; on Jona: chambray shirt: BabyGap Outlet; jeans: Old Navy; socks: Trumpette

Are you an outfit thief like me? How do you choose what to wear? 
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Miss Stripe

One of my former coworkers nicknamed me "Miss Stripe" because of how often I showed up to work wearing my favorite pattern. It started when I was pregnant, and it's true that the majority of my maternity wardrobe consisted of stripes. However, although my wardrobe is now far less limited, I have not let go of this pattern addiction. 

In fact, in the last two months I've added two more striped pieces to my wardrobe. The peplum top seen here, and the sleeveless blouse I'm wearing below. My excuse? Sure, I have a lot of stripes, but I don't have peplum stripes or a striped button-up blouse! If I didn't already know how much wear these two new additions would get I might just have to hang my stripe-loving head in shame. 

Cardigan: Gap outlet; blouse: J.Crew Factory; jeans: Gap; earrings: Bauble Bar; shoes: Old Navy

What pattern fills up your closet? 
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My Winter Uniform

By January, I always start to feel like I've been wearing the same thing for three months. My uniform this winter has been a (typically plaid) button up shirt layered under a sweater, with jeans and booties. If I'm feeling extra snazzy I'll throw a statement necklace on top. 

Luckily, by January I usually have a little Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm usually able to cure myself of the "I have nothing to wear" doldrums. One such closet pick-me-up is this polka dot chambray shirt that I snagged at J.Crew Factory for 50% off. As much as I wear my regular chambray shirt, it really wasn't that difficult to convince myself that a second chambray shirt was a necessity. And, as usual, I'm proving myself right. 

Sweater: Loft; shirt: J.Crew Factory; jeans: Gap; necklace: Bauble Bar; booties: Target

What's your winter uniform this year? 
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Nautical Stripes and Red for a Special Day

Since having Jona, I feel like my life has one speed: fast. We just had a weekend, but I need another weekend just to recover. On Sunday we had family over to celebrate Jona's baptism. I know I said I wasn't going to make him be my prop in all my outfit photos, but he looked so handsome in his church clothes that I couldn't help myself. 

Other than the accessory I'm holding, there's nothing new or exciting about my outfit. I just wanted to coordinate with Jona since we had to stand up in front of the congregation. (As if I need an excuse.) As you can see this dress, a wardrobe MVP from last year, is still going strong! 

On me: jean jacket: Gap; dress: Land's End Canvas; necklace: Loft outlet; shoes: Target; on Jona: sweater: Target; chambray shirt onesie: BabyGap Outlet; khakis: Old Navy; socks: Trumpette

"Seriously mom? You're putting me on your blog again?"
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A Comeback?

Well, I wasn't kidding when I said I wouldn't be blogging much. As it turns out, having a baby, going to school, and working full time IS too much. Especially when your Master's program makes every project a group project. Trying to coordinate your (already jam-packed) schedule with 7 other people...good times, let me tell you. So, rather than go crazy trying to do it all, and stress because I can't do it all well, I took a break. 

I hope to re-enroll in a few semesters because I really loved what I was learning and hope to one day be an academic librarian at a university. However, for now I'm going to focus on working my day job as well as my other, much more fulfilling gig of being a mom. My schedule is still plenty busy, but I'm hoping to get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis. 

I couldn't help but show off my sweet boy for these pics, and I admit that I shamelessly coordinate our outfits fairly frequently. I'll have to give you the complete Jona-update another time, but for now just know that although it's still completely exhausting, I love every minute of being his mama. I can't believe that today he's already 5 months old. Time really has flown by. 

On me: jacket: Gap; peplum stripe top: Loft; pants: Gap; necklace: Bauble Bar; boots: Target; on Jona: striped polo: thrifted Old Navy; pants: Carters; socks: Trumpette

Clearly, Jona is less than enthused about doing outfit photos with his mommy. Don't worry Jona, although you are the cutest accessory, I won't make you be my prop every time. 

Thanks for reading! 
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