32 Weeks: Pop of Neon

How is it possible that June is almost over? Where did this month go? Goodness, I went from feeling like I had so much time to get ready for Jona’s birth to feeling unsure if I’m going to get everything ready in time. (By the way I can’t remember if I told you that my little guy is going to be named Jona, after his wonderful late great grandpa. Well, now you know.)

I had class all weekend, and then I went to my best friend Abby’s daughter Addie’s first birthday party, which was adorable. I can’t believe she is already a year old! We joke about Jona being Addie’s future husband, so I hope she doesn’t mind a younger man. I’m sure they will be completely fine with their futures being planned out for them, right? 

Cardigan: Loft; tank top: Old Navy Maternity, borrowed (similar); skirt: Old Navy Maternity (similar), second-hand; necklace: Bauble Bar; sandals: Loft

I'm behind again... I didn't get a chance to post again last week. I'm not making any promises this week, I'm just going to take it a day at a time. I just wish I had a few more hours in the day! 

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