30 Weeks: Double Stripes

I can’t believe it’s Friday again already! I had high hopes of getting more than one blog post in this week, but in the battle of my to-do lists versus time, time won out. (As did sleep; I’m downright scary these days if I don’t get enough of it.)

I’m looking forward to the weekend, although it will feel shorter than most. I have class on Friday night and all day Saturday. I tend to dread weekends I have class, but once I’m there I’m reminded how much I enjoy my classmates and what I’m learning; no doubt this weekend will be the same. Enjoyable or not, I’m sure by Sunday I’ll be exhausted; I may have to pencil a nap into my schedule. On second thought, forget penciling it in, “NAP” is going into my planner in bold black Sharpie.

Cardigan: Loft (similar), t-shirt: Old Navy Maternity; skirt: second-hand Old Navy Maternity (similar); shoes: Target

 What are you doing this weekend? Any naps for you?

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