Mint and Floral for Friday

Hooray for Friday! (And hooray for short work weeks—this one breezed by!) I only worked three days this week; Monday I was off for Memorial Day and yesterday I took the day off because Aaron had sinus surgery. He’s recovering nicely, which is a relief. I made sure to stock the fridge with Jello and pudding, since part of his surgery was in his throat and he has to stick to soft foods for now. (Ice cream definitely fits this category, so I may have to “accidentally” make too much milk shake so he’s forced to share.)

It looks like I’ve had plenty of ice cream lately though; funny how seeing pictures can be so much different than looking in a mirror. My belly looks HUGE in these pictures; it’s hard to imagine that it’s going to get even bigger. And don’t get me started on my feet and ankles… by the end of the day the word “cankles” gets thrown around a little. And this was a good day! Oh well, it was an excuse to buy these cute flats since I needed a size bigger. 

Cardigan: Loft; t-shirt: Gap Maternity, borrowed (similar); skirt: Target; flats: BCBG via DSW (similar)

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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