MVPs, Most Versatile Pieces

This has been a busy week; I'm glad Friday is finally here.  Despite the fact that this time of year is always busier than usual, I still find myself walking with more spring in my step anticipating Christmas and all its festivities. 

Today's Friday's Fancies theme (at Long Distance Loving) is "Dress Yourself" or show off an outfit that is essentially "you". I thought I'd do that by wearing some of my most worn (and thus, most loved) pieces together in one outfit. None of you are surprised with the pieces I've picked, are you? 

Shirt: Madewell; dress: Land's End Canvas; earrings: Kohl's; necklace: Shop Mamie; boots: Mia via DSW

Here's my favorite chambray shirt from Madewell, remixed a few more ways. I love this season-less, versatile piece that is a layering champion. 

You're familiar with my love-affair with this Land's End Canvas dress. I first saw it on Anne of In Residence, and it wasn't long before I had to make it my own. I'll likely shed real tears the day it loses it's place in my closet. Here are a few of the (many) ways I've worn it: 

This bubble necklace from Shop Mamie is new to my wardrobe, but since I've had it it's been making frequent appearances. Yes, I drank the bubble necklace Kool-aid, and boy was it delicious! Here are a couple other ways I've styled it: 

Finally, my beloved Mia riding boots have been helping me transition to fall and survive the winter for more than a year. They have been the answer to "What shoes should I wear?" a multitude of times. Boots, I love you, let me count the ways:

What items in your wardrobe would win the MVP (most versatile pieces) award? 

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  1. That shirt and dress are definitely two of my favorites!! Love how you have made that dress work for the cooler temps!!
    Have a great weekend!


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