Mini Pecan Tarts with Chocolate Drizzle

If you celebrated it, how was your Thanksgiving? We spent it with Aaron’s family in Hutchinson, and had a great time. We ate too much and slept too much, and for some reason came home thoroughly exhausted. I didn’t get a single outfit picture taken last week either, which is the reason for today’s food themed post. I hope you’re not still too full to enjoy it!

I made these mini pecan tarts from Skinnytaste last week. I was impressed with how easy they were to make and how un-“light” they tasted. I hesitate to try desserts that are deemed “healthy” or “lightened up” because, as a dessert-o-phile I can usually taste the difference. Not here. I followed her recipe exactly, with the exception of one thing: me being me, I had to add some chocolate. I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips with a tiny bit of vegetable oil and drizzled it over the tarts. Yum! 

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