See it. Like it. Do it. Leather Pocket Tee

I wanted to add some leather to my wardrobe, but my budget has been very limited lately. When I saw this leather pocket t-shirt DIY at In Honor of Design, I knew it would be the perfect inexpensive way to try out the leather trend.

I went to Target and spent a whole six dollars on this t-shirt, and went no further than my couch for the leather. Before you start imagining pocket-shaped holes in my furniture, I’ll reassure you that it came from a scrap underneath a cushion.

This DIY was incredibly easy to do, and the only challenge I had was trying to sew straight stitches in the thick leather. If you look closely you’ll see that I didn’t quite succeed in that area. If you do this I’d recommend finding a thin piece of leather or faux leather.

Thanks Anna for another awesome DIY idea!

Styled very casually for the weekend: t-shirt: Target, DIYed; purple t-shirt: Old Navy; jeans: Gap; earrings: Kohl's; shoes: Converse

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