Classic Stripes and Cobalt Blue

It seems impossible that it’s already November. How did October pass by so quickly?  For some reason the end of October got me into a slump; I haven’t been blogging, working out, or cooking as often as I usually do. I’m hoping the new month will get me back on track.

November, I’m also counting on you to bring more clarity when it comes to my future career. I’m leaning more and more towards going back to school for a library science Masters, but (being the over-planner I am) I want to learn as much as I can about it before taking the plunge.

I know I’m asking a lot of you November, here’s hoping you deliver. Now how about you, do you have any goals for the new month?

Cardigan: Old Navy; t-shirt: Loft; pants: Gap; necklace: Loft Outlet; flats: Madewell

On a blogging-related note, it’s sweater weather for this week’s Friday’s Fancies at Long Distance Loving. My cozy striped cardigan and I are joining in the fun.

Also, did you see this week’s IT list? It’s packed with style inspiration, so don’t forget to check it out!

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