Red Cake: A Birthday Tradition

For his birthday, my dad never makes any special gift requests (which makes him an impossible person to buy gifts for, but that’s another story) but he does always ask for red cake for dessert. This year was no different, and I volunteered to be the birthday-cake maker.

It may be known to you as “red velvet” cake, but in my family it’s always just been “red cake”. Cream cheese icing may be standard for your version, but my family’s recipe calls for a white icing that’s similar to the “best frosting I’ve ever had” recipe on Tasty Kitchen. This sweet, fluffy icing balances the dense, moist cake perfectly.

Here’s the printable red cake recipe. I never mess with the cake recipe, but I do play around with the frosting a little. My mom always used Crisco and margarine, but I usually use Crisco and butter. Tasty Kitchen’s recipe uses all butter, and I think I may eventually also eliminate the Crisco completely. Let me know if you try it! 

What dessert do you always crave for your birthday? 

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